"As a writer I see a great mission ahead of me, and it is to inspire future generations, as the children of today are the future of tomorrow; with this powerful statement comes the responsibility to mold and shape our children in order to create the best possible future for everyone." Galorian

The Adventures of Little Yellow Duck

Join the adventures of little Yellow Duck and learn one, two or seventy things about life

Little Friends Philosophy

Have a playful mindset, Make new friends, Think positive and more.

Learn a few things from our little friends as they certainly know how to get what they want in a fun way.

The Adventures of Octonana and Henry Snow

Join Octonana and Henry Snow in their exciting adventures at sea. Floating on an Island made of plastic, caught inside the belly of a whale, discovering New Atlantis, helping a white bear find his way, saving a flock of yellow ducks lost at sea and a lot more.

Stories from Outer Space

East and West and Outer Space: Ladies and Sirs and Trade and Commerce, and… space pirates!

Imagine this:

You have already seen the full panoramic view of the earth and its moon a thousand times previously.

Circling the earth is as simple for a fly to circle an apple.

We have identified life on other planets. We study new triple coil genetic structures at Universities.

We have identified intelligent life forms on other planets. The new mega hit AI toy looks just the same.

What if space exploration was an existing reality and your kids’ dream job is serving on board the Enterprise?

Read more and get inspired as "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream we dream together is reality".

Morals and Melodies to the Soul

Stories have been with us ever since we learnt to gather around fires, look up at the skies and question our place on this planet. Stories, such as moral stories have the power to shape mankind’s destiny. Some stories have survived time that are able to deliver universal messages transcending generations. This is my story to tell…

Eat more bananas and read more of these fun moral fables.

Banana Paradiso

“Why is it that we conceive the fruit of knowledge as an apple? It is more likely to appear as a banana!”

Once again, in a spark of creativity, Galorian enlighten us. Now it is in giving a spin to some of the mythological stories, such as ‘Garden of Eden’, ‘Noah’s Ark’, ‘Jonah and the Whale’ and others.

The G Team

In his new book, “The G team“–The Journey to Ludoland, the author Galorian invites you the readers on a journey toward Ludoland – The Kingdom of toys and games, and most important to the child within you. The tale is about the adventures of a group of friends on their way toward the kingdom of toys and games with the goal to confront with an evil force from within, bring back order and maintain peacefulness and most important continue the TAGI Master events tradition, and by that ensuring that kids will always have new toys and games to play with.

Will they manage to succeed and what will be the future of Ludoland? On these and much more in the adventure fantasy book – “The G Team“–The Journey to Ludoland

Altruism, Philosophy and Bananas

How to measure a social progress?

As a society we care about what we measure, we use what we measure. What we measure drives policies and society in a particular direction. We therefore need to measure progress correctly.

Eat more bananas and read more to have a better understanding of how social systems work.

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